Forged in battle announces a new range of Ancient

Forged in Battle produces one of the best WWII miniatures in 15mm. And now, they are preparing a Kickstarter to launch a new range of Ancient, from Carthaginians, to Persians, and including Macedonian and Punic wars. They will also release a new rule book!.

Forged in battleNow, we leave you with Andy and Wendy Cooper:

Forged in Battle head to Kickstarter with a brand new game and range of 15/18mm miniatures. War & Empire will cover the Macedonian and Punic Wars plus we have planned some amazing extras, Siege engines, city walls etc.

Forged in battleIf we are successful at achieving our goals on Kickstarter the we will  produce the following armies.

  1. Skythian
  2. Thracian, Illyrian & Getic
  3. Early Hoplite Greek
  4. Early Achaemenid Persian
  5. Later Achaemenid Persian
  6. Classical Indian
  7. Later Hoplite Greek
  8. Macedonian, Alexander & Phillip
  9. Macedonian, Hellenistic/Successors Armies
  10. Macedonian, Later Seleucid
  11. Italians
  12. Republican Roman, Phyrric & Punic Wars. The «Manipular» Legion.
  13. Republican Roman, Later. The «Cohort» Legion.
  14. Carthage
  15. Numidian
  16. Spanish
  17. Gallic Army/British Celts/Galatians

Forged in battleThe Armies that Backers will initially be able to choose from are as follows:

  1. Macedonian, Alexander & Phillip
  2. Republican Roman, Phyrric & Punic Wars. The «Manipular» Legion.
  3. Carthage
  4. Numidian
  5. Spanish
  6.  Gallic Army/British Celts/Galatians

Plus as an added bonus we will be adding Stretch Goals as we unlock the additional armies.

And remember, we published a painting guide about shield using these models: How to paint shield in 15mm

Forged in battle

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