Document – Lighting styles in tanks II (Panzer)

It’s time for another free PDF document, the second part of the Lighting Styles in Tanks. It’s turn now for the Germans and their Panzer IV.

Some months ago, we released the first part of the Lighting Styles documents, with the Sherman. You can download it from the Free PDF Guides zone.
Now we’re releasing the second part, with a German Panzer IV in some kind of panzer blue. We used the same 3 lighting styles as in the Sherman document.

This file is intended as a quick visual guide to illuminate your wargaming tanks with different styles, their pros and cons. Hope they’re useful!!

You can download the document by clicking on the pic below or going to the Free PDF Guides zone:
Tank Lighting Styles II Panzer

Modulation Style:
Tank Lighting Styles II Panzer

Panel Lighting:
Tank Lighting Styles II Panzer

Zenithal Light:

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