Flames of War – British Mortar Platoon

My brother has finished a Flames of War British mortar platoon and I would like to show it in the blog. Long time has passed since he painted his last mini, and I think this is a good re-entry to wargames.

British Mortar Platoon

My brother Luis began collecting miniatures more than 10 years ago. But the truth is that he doesn’t paint too much. He buy, I paint what I like and what I have time to. This reminds me of the duet Heresy-N4gash… 🙂

Furthermore, it happens that he has gone to Auckland, New Zealand, to study/work. Just where Battlefront, creators of Flames of War, has it’s headquarters…


He finished this British mortar platoon, the first thing he paint since a long time ago. In my opinion, the result is very very good, with some interesting contrasts. I’m looking forward for him to return to Spain, so he could continue to paint this army. It can be downright cool. For the time being, I sent him a pack full of paints and brushes… we’re on the good way!

British Mortar Platoon

British Mortar Platoon

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  1. warzone

    Gracias Dani, se lo diré!


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