WIP – Heer46 Bergetiger – Part II Finished

I finished the Heer46 Bergetiger yesterday. In the first part of the WIP we showed the history of the Bergetiger, the basecoat and the tritonal camo. Now it’s time to see the final pics of this strange but lovely feline.Heer46 Bergetiger
The Bergetiger kit from Heer46 includes the turret and the crane for less than 6€. All casted in good quality white metal.

A nice piece to decorate our army or to use it as a recovery vehicle (although we know from the previous post that the Bergetiger wasn’t really a recovery vehicle ;)).

After priming and painting the base colors, the steps were as follows:

    • Dark Brown Wash in the recesses
    • A little profiling in some edges and areas with a lighter color
    • Chipping with sponge
    • Painting the details (ropes, tools, driver, etc)
    • Wet pigments on the tracks
    • Some little streaks

Some pics of the finished model:

Heer46 Bergetiger

Heer46 BergetigerThe chassis is from Battlefront, but the Heer46 kit of the Bergetiger fits really nice on the Plastic Soldier Company Tiger tanks.

Heer46 BergetigerView the other part of the Work in Progress: WIP – Heer46 Bergetiger – Part I Paint

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