Bolt Action – Starting with US Army – Part I

I have seen Bolt Action in stores few months ago. I thinks it’s time to give it an opportunity. World War II in 28mm from the hand of Warlord Games, nothing more to say.

Bolt Action is about infantry. One or two infantry squads with some support: one or two tanks, a mortar team…

I decide to start with the US Army because two reasons. First of all: Stuarts! That small tank is my favorite one. So that reduce the options down to two, US or British. The second reason is the box Assault on Normandy. Inside this box you are going to find a lot of American infantry (and also German infantry).

To start my army the first option, of course, was the M5A1 Stuart from Warlord.

M5A1 Stuart - WIP

Next step was the Bolt Action starter set Assault on Normandy.

Assault on Normandy

The guys from Warlord Games made good work with this. Inside this box you are going to find:

  • 20 US Army Infantry
  • 20 German Infantry
  • Rulebook
  • A ruined farm
  • 8 order dice

Now, with 20 models in my hands is time to make some combinations with the weapons and options.

Finally I decide to make two basics squads, a sniper team, a bazooka team and the command team.
Enought to construct the following list:

1st Liutenant with additional man (Veterans). 103 pts.

1st Infantry Squad, 7 hombres (Veterans). 99 pts.
NCO with SMG. 1 Browning Automatic Rifle

2st Infantry Squad, 7 hombres (Veterans). 99 pts.
NCO with SMG. 1 Browning Automatic Rifle

Sniper Team (Veterans). 65 pts.

Bazooka Team (Veterans). 78 pts.

444pts. in total. Enough to be the core and all created with the 20 miniatures from Assault on Normandy.

To handle the question of the different equipment options I opt for use neodymium magnets.

Sniper with alternative arms

In those miniatures with fixed arms I leave the weapon unglued to facilitate the painting job.


After a few hours, I finally had the core of my US Army ready to start the painting job.

US Army Platoon

See you next time!

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  1. Dave

    I’d love to see an update on painting this army!

  2. incanux

    Hello! Thanks for you interest!
    I’m preparing «part II» and «part III» and soon they will be online. There you’ll see some advance in painting 🙂


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