BOLT ACTION – Updating my German army – Part I

Because we are trying the Warlord Games rules, Bolt Action, I wanted complete my German forces with a mortar and MMG teams.

Bolt ActionNine years ago I bought my first historical miniatures: a blister of winter German grenadier from Artizan Design (28mm). From then, I’ve been extending my forces continuously. However, I’ve never played any wargame with them!. Thus, you can imagine my happiness when Bolt Action rules were released. Finally I could use the huge amount of dust accumulated in my shelves!

Although I have all miniatures needed to play a 1000 points battle, I don’t have all painted. I still need to paint a medium mortar team, a MMG team and a Puma. I had already painted two MMG teams from Black Tree Miniatures, but the quality of the paint was very bad, and so I decided to repaint them. Thus, the MMGs will match with my other painted models (although their quality is not high).

To repaint MMG and mortar crews, I decided to use different camouflage patterns, to get more contrast at the final set. Because I play with Heer and Waffen interchangeably, I also wanted to mix camouflages of both branches:  eichenlaubmuster A and B (the most typical SS camo), palmenmuster and splittertarnmuster (the mythic splinter camo and quintessential German camo). Although it’s wrong said, because I’m the father of the creature, I think the new PaintingWAR about Germans is ideal to chose our camouflages and to know how paint them. In my case, I didn’t remember how I did palmenmuster camo, because I’ve only done it one time, and the guide has been too useful!.

By the time being, I’ve only repainted the MMG team and I’ve started working on the mortar. I think the level was not as high as I wanted, because I didn’t have too much time, so I had to accelerate the process. I repainted the MMG in only two hours…I’ll publish the mortar team finished soon!


Palmenmuster and fall/winter eichenlaubmuster camouflages:

  • German Cam Pale Brown 825 (Vallejo; Panzer Aces)
  • Chocolate brown 872 (Vallejo)
  • Orange brown 981 (Vallejo)

Spring/summer eichenlaubmuster camouflage:

  • German Cam Pale Brown825 (Vallejo; Panzer Aces)
  • Ger. Dark green 896 (Vallejo)
  • Luftwaffe Cam. Green 823 (Vallejo, Panzer Aces)

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