Building an Old West store

Today we have a great honor, because we have the collaboration of one great modeler, MorTap (you can visit his blog). He’s a master using foamed PVC and in this occasion he’ll show us how he creates Old West style buildings.

In a moment of constructive epiphany, after several projects finished, I decided to increase the buildings we have for the settlement of the West in 28mm that we normally use. In this case, a small shop, denominated Store General.

Materials and measurements:

  • 2mm Forex or Foamed PVC: floor (15 x 14cm), back wall (15 x 9 cm), frontage (15 x 13cm), side walls and interior (x3 pieces of 11,6 x 9 cm) and roof (18 x 12 cm). In addition, we have to prepare a strip of 0,2 cm wide and cut it in x15 pieces of 2,5 cm, x2 pieces of 5cm and x2 pieces of 15 cm. These small pieces will be used to decorate the house.
  • 4mm Forex or Foamed PVC: x9 pieces of 3 x 0,5 cm, in order to prepare the basement.

Once you have cut all pieces, apply a texture with a modeling lancet, and cut doors and the picture window.


Apply a texture on the roof. We can prepare a flat or gabled roof.


Put together the structure, and glue the decoration as you can see in the picture. Save x5 pieces of 2,5 x 0,2 cm.



These small pieces will be needed to support the roof and to give him a gabled form.


However, if you want a gabled roof, you will have to prepare two new pieces with a triangle shape and 15cm base (you can decide the height).

Now you can prime and paint it!.

Enjoy it!. Note you can use this tutorial such as a example, because you can build the Sheriff office, a Bank, a laundry… can build a complete settlement!.



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  1. atticusmactapia

    El PVC espumado es un material de construccion y señalizacion. Si vives en Madrid preguntale a Ruben o a Marcos, porque ellos compraron alguna pieza en su momento. Yo, aqui en Las Palmas lo compro en Comercial Lobot.

  2. n4gash


    Lo puedes comprar en:

    Orbiplast, S.L.
    Av. Manzanares , 172 28019 Madrid (España)

    Un saludo

  3. grooghh

    ¡Gracias! Me apunto la dirección


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