Indiegogo: Lowe 1:48 tank from Heer46

Lowe heer46Heer46 has just announced a new Indegogo project to finance a new vehicle in 1:48 or 28mm: a Panzerkampfwagen Löwe, with different gun options.

Lowe heer46Click here to see the Indegogo project:

Lowe heer46

An extract:

You will be able to choose from two Löwe-versions:
Version 1 is the standard Panzerkampfwagen Löwe with a 10,5 cm gun.
Version 2 is the Flak-Löwe armed with a 5,5cm Twin-Flak.

Stretchgoal 1 = 2.000€

Each Löwe-kit gets an „UHU“ IR-system for free.

Stretchgoal 2 = 4.000€

Both Löwe-versions get an additional alternate cannon for free. The
difference is purely optical, but fits in perfectly with a certain „dustified“

Version 1 Alternate cannon for the standard Panzerkampfwagen Löwe.
Version 2 Alternate cannon for the Flak-Löwe.

Stretchgoal 3 = 6.000€

Each tank needs a tank-commander. Each Löwe-kit gets one tank-commander
“Max Wünsche” for free. The miniature is made of metal and in 28mm/1:48 scale.

Lowe heer46

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