Painting Star Wars: Armada small ships in 15-20 mins

I played an outstanding game during my last Holidays in Spain: Star Wars Armada, from Fantasy Flight. I play X-Wing very often. However, I needed something more strategic, where turns are slower and where you need to build your strategy step by step. X-Wing is a lovely game, but it’s too fast and sometimes I feel playing an arcade game. But ARMADA has filled that gap! And as the small miniatures are awesome, I couldn’t resist to paint some of them!

Star Wars Armada

Because I was in Spain, I didn’t have with me all the resources I would have liked. For example, I have no enamels there! Furthermore, I didn’t have so much time to paint these little guys. So I improvised a bit. I have not used GW washes or «shades» for ages! But I have got a couple of jars in my last visit to GoblinTrader Madrid Sur. And this was a nice opportunity to test them. In addition, I wanted to try this fantastic tutorial from Rule37 blog.

Star Wars ArmadaThis was my recipe (it takes about 15-20 min to paint a single ship; more for the Raider of course!).

  1. I primed the miniatures using the Vallejo Grey primer spray.
  2. Using acrylic paints from Vallejo I painted the details of the ships (i.e. red and green panels in the Slave or the Red Squadron signals on the X-wing).
  3. I applied a general wash with Agrax Earthshade (Citadel Shade) or/and Nuln Oil (Citadel Shade) in areas where I wanted a deeper effect.
  4. I did a «black profiling» with regular black to enhance some areas.
  5. I highlighted EVERY panel and detail with a lighter color:
    • Grey panels: first light with Splinter Camo. Base 343 (Vallejo, Panzer Aces): and second with 343 + White (1:1)
    • Redish panels: first light with flat red and second with flat red + Golden Yellow 948 (3:1).
    • Greenish panels: first light with the same green I used and second light using that green + Golden Yellow 948 (1:1).
  6. I applied a glossy varnish on the Slave’s cockpit.

Star Wars ArmadaStar Wars ArmadaStar Wars Armada


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