PaintingWAR: German army WWII

When we start a new project we often spend many hours looking up information. However, this can change thanks to the new magazine PaintingWAR, which reviews an army in a specific way.

PaintingWAR: German army WWII

In each project a different painter explains his techniques and painting style throughout 20 pages, where you can follow his steps. Next you could see between 20 and 40 rosters with a painted miniature, with his color chart, historical curiosities and more painting tips. You also could find more interesting material, such as colors of German epaulettes or NCO’s symbols. Nonetheless, this project isn’t only a uniformology guide, but the idea is help you to improve, if it’s possible, your painting skills.

First issue, written by one collaborators of this blog (HeresyBrush), is about the German army during the Second World War. This issue includes 36 rosters and a lot of “step by step” guides, including a review of almost all German camouflages.

You can find this magazine in your regular Wargames retailer, or you can purchase it directly in his online shop: BreakingWAR.

Also, Justin from ModelDad has prepared this interesting review (thank you!):

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