Scratch building: Junkers Ju 52 in 28mm by MorTap

Merry Christmas!. Some time ago we presented you an impressive work from our friend MorTap, who showed us how to build Old West houses using foamed PVC. Now, once more, MorTap presents another awesome work, a Junkers Ju 52 in 28mm!.

MorTap portada

Because the great versatility of the foamed PVC, in this ocassion I pretended to build something different, a Junkers Ju 52 in 28mm. But I decided to build it in a smaller size, in order to avoid to place an enormous element in the battlefield, which can disturb rather than beautify the game.


  • 2 and 4mm foamed PVC
  • High density cork
  • Three plastic caps
  • Four sticks of lollipops
  • Wire
  • Small pin or button

Using scaled blueprints, we start cutting the different pieces of the plane body. You can find the sizes used expressed in centimeters. The foamed PVC is too easy to «sculpt» using a model knife or pencil.

Mortap 1 Mortap 2 Mortap 3 Mortap 4 Mortap 5 Now, we start preparing the roof. «No sirve» = ‘it’s not necessary’ (the internal area). Note the roof is preceded by an inclined panel in both sides. Mortap 7Mortap 8 Mortap 9 Mortap 10 Mortap 11Mortap 12Once the roof is completed, we prepare the cockpit.Mortap 13 Mortap 14 Mortap 15 Mortap 16 Mortap 17 Mortap 18 Mortap 19 Mortap 20To simulate the rotors of the plane, I find these interesting caps from juice jars!. We will need three of them.

Mortap 21 Mortap 22Mortap 23

But first, we have to mount the wings.Mortap 24 Mortap 25 Mortap 26 Mortap 27 Mortap 28 Mortap 29 Mortap 30 Mortap 31 Mortap 32Prepare this to fix the rotors made with cork.Mortap 33Mortap 34 Mortap 35 Mortap 36 Mortap 37We apply a light coat of primer to cover the high cork and thus facilitate the painting phase. Mortap 38 42

We can use cork and the «table» used in the pizzas to build the weels.Mortap 39 Mortap 47 Mortap 40 Mortap 41 Mortap 43 Mortap 44 Mortap 45

We use a button to build the rear wheel.

Mortap 46

Finally, we paint our plane. We can apply a disruptive pattern using masks.Mortap 49 And this is the result!Mortap 50 Mortap 51 MorTap portada Mortap 48

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  1. atticusmactapia

    No es un trabajo dificil, tarde tres semanas porque estaba liado con otras cosas, creo que en tres tardes se puede hacer perfectamente.

  2. angusin

    Hay que ser MUY manitas para poder hacer esto. Yo, aparte de que no tendría paciencia, no sabría ni cómo empezar. Gracias por el tuto, es un lujazo poder ver un paso a paso tan ambicioso como este.

    You have to be a real handyman to do this. Excepting that I would not have patience, I would not even know where to begin. Thanks for the tutorial, it’s delightful to see a step by step as ambitious as this.

  3. Patrick

    Wow! That is all I can say.

  4. Hidalgo

    Un trabajo de 5 estrellas!

  5. Reivaj

    Joooo menos mal….

  6. grooghh

    Brutal, vaya curro y buenisimo resultado 😀

  7. quino



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