Spain in Flames V2 released!

Spain in flamesWe are glad to announce the new version of Spain in Flames, designed to play the Spanish Civil War, and directed by Ivan and Ignacio Notario.

Spain in FlamesInspired in the briefing books of Flames of War, inside you could find all army list to play the Spanish conflict, plus aditional rules from Capitan games to play small scale skirmishes.

Some authors notes:

There are in total 15 army lists:

Agrupación de Milicianos
Compañía de Carros
Compañía de Carros Pesados
Compañía de Blindados
Compañía de la Guardia de Asalto
Batallón del Ejército Popular
Batallón de las Brigadas Internacionales

Ejército nacional
Centuria Falangista
Compañía del Requeté
Compañía de Fusiles de la Legión
Compañía de Regulares
Compañía de Fusiles Nacional
Compañía de Carros
Legión Condor
Compañía Fucilieri

In addition, there are new things, such as new armament: «pichis», flamethrowers, grenades «revientatrincheras», etc. Some curiosities, like the «true» story of the nickname «negrillo», and new special rules («la victoria es nuestra», «detente bala», «Sindicato Español de universitarios»…).

Some examples which you can fin inside Spain in Flames:

Spain in Flames
Spain in Flames

Spain in Flames Spain in Flames

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    Is there a source for the rules in the USA?



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