Videotutorial – Painting 15mm vehicles

Here we offer you a painting guide constituted by three videos of 15 minutes each, where it is explained all steps needed to paint a 15mm vehicle. Original source: HeresyBrush.

airbrush WWII

Some time ago I prepared this tutorial where I tried to explain all painting and weathering techniques which I used to use in that moment (now I’ve added some new), applicable to 15mm vehicles (1/100 scale), like Flames of War models. Really, all techniques of higher scales can be applied on these smaller miniatures. Nonetheless, we have to be careful with the «effect of scale»: it’s too easy exaggerate an effect (and I’m the first in do that…). The tank is a E-50 Jagdpanzer from Heer46.

1. Paint the Dunkelgelb in 4 steps:

  • Shadow: Dunkelgelb Dark Base (AK 005)
  • Base: AK 005 + Dunkelgelb Light Base (AK 007), 1:1
  • 1º light: AK 007
  • 2º light: DGIII Dunkelgelb (AK 714)

2. Prepare a mask with Blu-tack or Sily puty (It’s recommendable apply first a varnish layer)

3. Paint the Resedagrün (green) in 2 steps:

  • Base: Olivgrün shadow AK 171
  • Light: RAL RAL6011B AK 716

4. Remove the Blu-Tack or Sily puty
5. Apply gloss varnish
6. Apply decals using Micro Set
7. Apply satin varnish

8. Apply two/three layers of a brown filter (AK 076)
Wait 15-20 min between layers
Wait over night before continuing

9. Apply a profile with WASH for NATO AK 075
Wait 30-60 min

10. Remove the excess of wash with a brush moistened in solvent
11. We can brush up the profile using acrylics
12. Make chippings using sponge and brush, and AK 711
13. To win realism, we can profile chippings with Iraki sand (819, Vallejo)
14. Apply streaking effects with Rust streaks AK 013
15. Blur streaking effects with White Spirit

16. With acrylics we paint the details, such as tools, etc.
17. Paint tracks in 5 steps:

  • Base with Track Primer (304 PA Vallejo)
  • Drybrush with Gunmetal Grey (863 Vallejo)
  • Apply Track Wash (AK 083)
  • Dust effects with Afrika korps Filter (AK 065)
  • Get contrast with AK 075

18. Apply pigments
19. Apply matt varnish

If you are interested, in the original article you can find more details of every step: HeresyBrush – how to paint 15mm vehicles.

4 Comentarios

  1. grooghh

    En su momento cuando lo vi me parecio una guia genial. Será mi proceso a seguir cuando empiece a pintar tanques 🙂

  2. Claudio Marino

    Fantastic tutorial! Please keep the video tutorial coming.

  3. Chris Hardy

    Hi Ruben, Since I first saw your articles and work on the internet 3 years ago I have been a big fan. I love your technical excellence and fastidious attention to detail that are essential to produce work of this calibre. You are deservedly one of the very best 1/100th scale painters in the world. I appreciate you sharing our techniques and expertise with us. Please don’t stop producing these masterpieces!


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