War & Empire Kickstarter in its last sprint!

The Forged in Battle Kickstarter is in his last days. And yesterday they showed us different artillery machines to include in our ancient armies, enough to siege the fortifications they published some days ago.

Forged in battleThis is the complete list of artillery pieces:

WE-GL8 Phokian Artillery (4)
WE-MA6 Macedonian Staff sling (8), Belly-bowmen (4), Bolt Shooter (2)
WE-S11 15 mina stone thrower & ballistas
WE-S12 30 mina stone thrower Resin
WE-S21 Siege ramp/shelters, various stages  of construction
WE-S22 Siege tower
WE-S23 Sambuca/ladders
WE-S24 Battering ram, in penthouse
WE-S25 Ships prows’ – tunnel entrances

By the way, they have added more addons, like a roman-style village, roman engineers, laser cut mdf bases, etc.forged un battle forged un battle forged un battle

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  1. grooghh

    Seems great, A lot of different and interesting stuff 😀


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