Bolt Action – Warlord Panzer IV H

In the last Bolt Action Day at Goblintrader Madrid we did a painting class showing how to paint a Bolt Action tank from Warlord. These are the results.

Bolt Action day at GoblintraderAfter doing some Bolt Action demo games at Goblintrader, we started painting a Panzer to show the people how to apply modulation techniques on 28mm tanks.
The weathering was applied later.

About the tank, it’s not a top notch model, mainly because the resin parts, but it’s great for gamers (sturdy construction, hard to break and nice to quick paint).

Warlord Panzer IV H Bolt ActionBut wait, this Panzer is not a model from the Warlord’s new plastic range… and these new plastic tanks are GREAT in many ways: improved realistic scale, great casting from Italeri, separate tracks, etc. So if you’re willing to buy a new tank from Warlord, we encourage you to buy one of the new plastic ones! View the plastic range from Warlord here.

Warlord new Plastic TanksSome pics of the Panzer IV H. The painting work… (The Dunkelgelb is Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow, NOT Desert Yellow as shown)Warlord Panzer IV H Bolt Action…and the weathering, knowing that the hull MMG is missing 🙁
Warlord Panzer IV H Bolt ActionWarlord Panzer IV H Bolt ActionWarlord Panzer IV H Bolt ActionWarlord Panzer IV H Bolt Action
This tank is now used to do the demo games at Goblintrader.
Next in line is a Warlord new plastic Sherman for the US soldiers in the demos!

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