Flames of war – Vehicle customization

If you ask me, one of the bigger points in this hobby imply customizing our miniatures. Therefore, your models are different from other players ones. That is, your miniatures will be exclusive.

Flames of war

In my case, when I want customize my vehicles I usually use two resources: modelling puty (green stuff) and others accesories in metal or resin:

» Green sutf: such as the tipical stuff from Games Workshop, although you can find it much cheaper in modelism retailers. The green stuff offer us a large amount of possibilities, from blankets and backpacks, to the british hessian camouflage. And this kind of accesories or details are very easy to do, so you don’t need a great skill. Also, unlike rigid accesories of metal or resin, green stuff lets us adapt perfectly the accesory to any kind of surface. Therefore, accesories look very good integrated. I recommend you these tutorials prepared by Avahn (in SPANISH, but with a lot of pics):

» Accesories: we can find them in different companies, as Battlefront, Skytrex o Baueda, where we can get a wide catalogue of accesories for our vehicles. From jerry cans and wood crates to other gear and camo nets. I recommend these links:

  • Battlefront: crates, cans, general stowage, etc.
  • Skytrex: fuel dumps, crates, jerry cans, camo nets, general stowage, etc.
  • Baueda: crates, blankets, buckets, chests, etc

Flames of War

Anyway, I think that it is important combine all our possibilities and elements. Thus our vehicles can look more attractive on the battlefield. On the other hand, we can use other sources, like plasticard or brass rods to replace some details. And we can always add aerials with fine zinc rods from Albion alloys.

FLames of War


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  1. Soren Petersen

    Hi Modelbrush,
    I can’t seem to open the pictures in the tutorial for making all these wonderful stowage. I always get redirected to Imageshack and then nothing happens. I have an account on Imageshack but that doesn’t help. Please help me.

    Regards Soren.

    • Miguel

      Hi Soren! If you’re referring to the pictures in the tutorials linked above, they’re not our tutorials, they’re from a guy named Avahn in the forums. We can’t do anything about the pictures, as the pictures are not ours. Maybe you could ask Avahn directly in the forum. Sorry about that 🙁

  2. Søren Petersen

    Thanks for your reply. I’ll try an contact Avahn. Thanks again.


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