How to make craters

Here we are with a new nice tutorial by our friend MorTap (check his blog here: El espacio de Atticus). This time MorTap shares how to prepare craters in a very easy (and cheap) way.


Following the idea of decorating our table with small details which improve the atmosphere of the battle, I bring to you a simple tutorial to made craters. Recycling some stuff at the same time!.

We will need old CDs, plasticard, modelling putty, foamed PVC and sand.

DSCF7584-bWe always have some disposable CDs at home. We can perfectly use them for this purpose!.

DSCF7585-bWith modelling putty we start preparing small spaghettis. Then we put on the CD’s forming circles of diferent sizes. These circles will be our craters! Indeed, we can place several circles on the same CD to recreate several concentrated impacts of the field artillery. With a small piece we can fill the gap of the disc.

DSCF7586-b We spread the modelling clay and hide the slope in the center of the CD with more clay.

DSCF7587-bWith white glue diluted with water we fix the sand. We can use a mixture of different sizes to create a more realistic looking.

DSCF7588-bWe can prepare more elaborated craters adding some ruins. To create the ruins we can use foamed PVC or plasticard. In my case I have created a big cross with some slabs.

DSCF7589-bWe can easily texturize the foamed PVC with a modelling lancet or knife. We can draw geometric motifs on the cross and some squares on the slabs. I usually use a rock to press the PVC to get a nice texture.

Then we put together all these elements, thinking about the position of the craters. We will then create the craters following the same indications we saw before.DSCF7590-b

We add sand to the base, and small rocks and PVC pieces to create slab fragments which have suffered the artillery fire.

DSCF7596-bFinally, after priming we paint all the elements. We can use the earth color we have on our table. In my case, I’ve used desert colors. And now we have fantastic craters to enjoy our table!.


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