Mordheim – Mariemburg WarBand – An update!

Hi folks!. Last Monday I played a new chapter of the Mordheim Campaign I’m playing over here, in Finland. Although it was a disaster and my warband was literally destroyed by a Chaos horde, at least I didn’t lost any man!.

Mordheim Warband UpdateHere I post the current status of my Mariemburg Warband with the new reinforcements.Time ago I showed you the beginning of my human warband for Mordheim (click here). During my first game I lost my captain and another hero, and therefore I decided to re-start my warband. But since that moment, I have only lost one henchman (of course, now I don’t risk).

Mordheim Warband UpdateThe original warband includes 12 guys. Now, there are another two marksmen and a very big an beautiful ogre!. I can add another member, but I’m not sure what weapons he should wear. I already have five marskmen, so I shouldn’t need anymore!. I think I will use a halberd.

Mordheim Warband UpdateFor these new guys I have used old Game Workshop figures. The ogre is the original one from Mordheim, meanwhile the marksmen are conversions. I have use one of the Mariemburg youngbloods and one model from the Pirazzo legion.

Mordheim Warband Update

Once more, I have mixed figures painted 7 years ago with others recently painted. I think the style is quite different, but more or less they fit, aren’t they?

Mordheim Warband UpdateIf you want to see the actual Warband Roster Sheet, click on the next image:

Mordheim Warband Roster Sheet

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