Reaper Bones Skeleton in 10 minutes

I received the Reaper Bones Kickstarter more than a year ago… and I haven’t touched any mini until now :(. We’re trying some rules for a dungeon crawling game, so it’s time to do some speed painting sessions.

The first Reaper Bones Kickstarter was a total success. In fact, it’s one of the most funded projects on Kickstarter (10th), and the undisputable number one in miniature games, with almost $3.5 millions pledged and 18K backers.

The box came with 240 minis in a new type of soft plastic that Reaper called ‘Bones’. They lack a little bit of detail compared to Reaper’s normal ranges, Legends, Warlord, etc, but this kind of plastic endure much more and holds the paint even in extreme conditions. The minis can fall off the table and nothing will happen to the paint. This is the Undead Horde where this skeleton belong to:

Reaper Bones Skeleton

Having said this, we’re now trying some new dungeon crawling rules and need minis, so I have tried some speed painting with this poor skinny skeleton. The results after a 10 minutes session:

Reaper Bones Skeleton

You can see that the bow is bent, even after holding it down in hot and cold water. The bow position corrects with hot water, but after 5-6 hours, it gets back to its original position (the bad position 🙁 ).
Also the skeleton has no jaw, but the pics shows that the original minis have it. Nothing serious for me, as it’s some undead and might have lost the jaw in previous encounters.

The painting steps are straightforward: Vallejo Game Color Bonewhite as base color, wash with old GW Devlan Mud, little highlights with Bonewhite again, details in several colors and the base with Vallejo Game Color Chocolate Brown and Iraqi Sand. Here is the ‘complete’ color pallette:

Reaper Bones Skeleton

I painted this skeleton in 10 minutes, and it means that if I chain paint I could paint each one in 8 minutes.
I’ll try to paint the 5 left in less than 45 minutes… 🙂

Reaper Bones Skeleton

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