Videotutorial: WWII British infantry in 15mm

Today we bring you another videotutorial which explains how to paint WWII British infantry in 15mm, using a miniature from Battlefront (Flames of War).

Flames of War battlefront videotutorialAlthough the British army isn’t not as much attractive as the German one (it don’t have many camouflages!), it’s one of my favourites. And because I was painting a couple of platoons some time ago, I exploited that to prepare a small videotutorial. In only a dozen of steps we can paint our warriors!.

Steps to paint the uniform

  1. Chocolate brown
  2. Chocolate brown + English uniform (1:1)
  3. English uniform
  4. English uniform + Desert yellow (1:1)
  5. Desert yellow
  6. Check shadows with Chocolate brown

Steps to paint the skin (I also recommend this tutorial):

  1. Flat brown
  2. Tan
  3. Tan + Dwarf skin (1:1)
  4. Dwarf skin
  5. Dwarf skin + white (1:1)
  6. Check shadows with flat brown

In addition, if you are interested, you can find the whole tutorial in the following link (in Spanish): HeresyBrush – Videotutorial: how to paint WWII British infantry.

And here you can see photos of the completed platoons:

Flames of War Battelfront

Flames of War Battlefront videotutorial


Flames of War battlefront

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