Videotutorial – Modulation in a bitonal camo. SdKfz. 251

Hi everybody! Yesterday I painted a SdKfz. 251 for my Bolt Action army. So I decided to record the process of painting the green color using the modulation style.

This model is a gift from my friend and companion here at ModelBrush, Rubén (HeresyBrush). Thanks mate!!

Now some explanation of the process, with pics:

For the Dunkel base color I used Tamiya XF-59 Desert Yellow with a little bit of Tamiya XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan:

Base colorHighlights with Buff and pure white, to do the subtle modulation:

Hanomag Dunkel modulationI used Silly Putty (thanks to my uncle Nacho for giving it to us!) to make the masks for the green color, in a random manner all around the vehicle:

Masks with Silly PuttyThe green modulation done:

Green modulation doneThe Silly Putty removed and the Hanomag ready to be really dirty!! 😉

Hanomag modulation done

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  1. Ingo

    Great looking Hanomag! Who is the manufactor of this SD.KFZ? And what color do you used for the green?


    • angusin

      Hi Ingo and thanks for your comment!
      The SdKfz. is from Die Waffenkammer, a SdKfz.251/1D 1:56 scale.

      The green used is Tamiya’s XF-26 Deep Green. I simply mixed it with white, as seen in the video. It produces a highly unreal tone, but it gets really better with the weathering on.


  2. natzscho

    angusin! You’re welcome…

    • angusin

      Thanks again for it! You’ll have to bring more Silly Putty eggs when you return to Spain!! 😉

      • natzscho

        6 new «eggs» incoming! Espected arrival in Mandril: Feb 3!

  3. Khargrim

    Fantastic tutorial.

    By the way, where in Spain can we buy that «silly putty»?

    • angusin

      Hi Khargrim!
      I haven’t found places in Madrid to buy it.
      But you can find it online, like on or But I warn you, it’s not cheap!!


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