WIP – 28mm Sd.Kfz. 251/1D – Part I

As Heresy and Incanux have been talking, we’re playing Bolt Action for the first time. Heresy has gifted me a Hanomag (GRACIAS AMIGO!), so better if I start painting it before the next battle!!

After cleaning the resin and applying green stuff in many holes, I’ve primed the whole vehicle in grey: Hull with Vallejo Grey Primer, and the tracks with AK Interactive.

Although we’ll talk about these two products in another post, comparing them, I’ve to say that the AK Interactive Primer is soooooo much better than the Vallejo one, in terms of coverage, drying times, ease of use with the airbrush, etc. (I’ve been using the Vallejo one for the last 4 years).

After the primer and letting it dry for 24 hours, I’ve paint a layer of Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow mixed with 20% white (XF-2). When I paint models in larger scales (1/35 or 1/48), I airbrush with the Dark Yellow as it is, without mixing with white. But as the scale for this model is smaller, I’ve decided to lighten the color a little bit. The result was:



Next step, a little bit of modulation and shadows in some areas.

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