Sci-Fi in 15mm from Khurasan Miniatures

Khurasan Miniatures is a US miniature brand which produces a huge range of 15mm miniatures, and some 28mm ones. From historical ancient ranges to Sci-Fi and Fantasy worlds. And we want to show you today some of our works using 15mm Khurasan’s miniatures.


We are going to start with some post-modern infantrymen supported by a flamethrower gravitatory tank. While the tank uses a simple bitonal camouflage (green-sand), I have tried to simulate a Multicam pattern in 15mm, using the following color palette:


Base color: English Uniform 951 (Vallejo)
Green: Olive Green NAC-06 (Andrea)
Brown: Medium brown NAC-46 (Andrea)
White: Ivory 918 (Vallejo)

Vest and accesories: Russian Khaki NAC-08 (Andrea)

Khurasan Khurasan Khurasan


The rotobic should be really advanced in this dystopian (or utopian) worlds. So, you can see some droid forces below with their hovercraft transport and some «fliying discs». Droids have been painted using a pale grey palette, while the transport shows a 4-colors camouflage, but the black rubber part.






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