WIP – Battlefront Panzer III J Platoon – Part I

Hi friends! Today I’m starting with a Panzer III J Platoon from Battlefront. I’m going to paint them as an Afrika Korps Platoon, in a desert scheme.

The Panzer III was one of the tanks with more versions available. In fact, the J version I’m going to paint had two subversions, early and late ones (with increased armor plates). And the late versions had two types of gun. So, to sum:

  • Panzer III J Early with L/42 gun (5cm KwK 38)
  • Panzer III J Late with L/42 gun (5cm KwK 38)
  • Panzer III J Late with L/60 gun (5cm KwK 39)

The L/60 gun was longer and designed to fight again the Russian T-34, the British Crusader, etc. But it proved insufficient against the T-34, and of course, against the KV family. That’s why the 7.5cm guns started to be developed. But that’s another story…


Talking about the paint, I’m going to do 3 units of the Late L/42 and 2 units of the newer and better Late L/60. But I’ll put the 5 of them in the same platoon. I know that Battlefront differences between the two versions, but I’ll use them as one or another platoon. I don’t care about this, as the only difference is the gun (same hull and turret).


For now I have cleaned the models and primed them with an airbrush and AK Interactive Grey Primer. Next step, base color with a Tamiya paint I’m still deciding.

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  1. Troy Ritter

    just in the middle of 4 panzer IIIs myself!


    • warzone

      Hi Troy!!!
      We’re fans of your work, looking forward to see your panzers!!!

  2. warzone

    Thanks grooghh! Stay tuned!

  3. big fan

    any updates?

  4. warzone

    Hi big fan!
    Well, we’re working on many projects at the time, so I don’t have much time 🙁
    But I’ve finished the base coat (I think I’ve found a great mix with Tamiya’s), and started modulation in 2 of them. I’ll post the base coat step on monday!!!


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